Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for YOU!

 Oh yes, Charlie Brown is big at our house this year!

I had to share one of the many things I am most thankful for this year: Our trip to Disney World! As I mentioned before, God blessed us with the wonderful opportunity to take my parents, who had never been there, and it is the BEST trip we've ever had. One, I will not soon forget.

I made this layout using the My Memories software. I can't tell you how much I love this program! So quick and easy. I just had to share my absolute favorite photo from the trip; we have close to 1000 pictures from three cameras combined, and this one was easy to pick out... I promise not to make the next 50 posts of Disney pics. Heehee.
This is when my parents met the characters for the first time. It was so cute to see their reaction; Mickey even kissed my mom's hand.

Because Margie and I will be busy this weekend with family, we will not be having a Black Friday sale, but stay tuned... we will be having a super duper Cyber Monday sale! See you then.

THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful support and friendships. You are a huge part of what I am thankful for this year.
God Bless!

Hugs and happy eating!

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  1. super cute!!!! i can't wait to design my own :)

    hope you are having a great weekend!!!!!