Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Good-Byes... Just See You Soon!

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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of February? It seems like just yesterday, we were ringing in the new year. 
The last day of February also marks the last day of our design team terms. I have been working with most  of my wonderful and talented designers for a year now, and am very grateful for the support and amazing projects they've created for both the stamp line and the store. Most importantly, I feel so blessed for the friendships formed. You all have the kindest hearts.
I am very, very bad with good byes; I try very hard to avoid them. Quite honestly, I don't want to say good bye... so I won't! I already have a huge lump in my throat, just typing this, so to my designers... ALL OF YOU, I say:

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Thank you for being there for the birth of the stamp company.
Thank you for being there for DCRU's transition to Claudia and Company.
Thank you for bringing the beloved Puddle Jumpers to life.
Thank you for helping when other team mates were sick or were taking care of their little ones.
Thank you for helping when I had too much on my plate.
Thank you for believing in my little place on the web enough to accept our invitations to join the teams.
* * *
LORi, A very special thank you to you. Thank you for believing in my little stamp company enough to allow the Puddle Jumpers to be born here. You are a beautiful lady both inside and out, and I know that God has great things in store for you. I sadly accepted the news of you stepping down from the team all together, but I understand your reasons. I am praying for you, and thank God for our friendship. The friendship that was born back in the fall of 2009 is one I will always thank God for; nothing better than having an amazing friend who is also a sister in Christ. I love you my sweet friend.
* * *
See, seriously bad with good-byes, and now there are tears in the mix. So instead of good-bye, I will say...
Lori, Gwen, Kim, Krista, Joni, Nicole, Nikki, Risa, Sandra, Sheri, Tori, and Tracy:
I will always, always be in awe of your creations. See you all on the web; in fact, I see some of you every day in blog land.

Big hugs and smiles to each of you,


  1. It is so sad to see everyone move on. Thank you all so very much for the wonderful inspiration week after week. I didn't always get to participate in the challenges but I always came by to see what you all created. I was always amazed by your work. Good Luck in whatever you do from here.

  2. I'm not going to cry...I'm not going to cry. But I think it's appropriate for me to say "Aloha" which means hello, goodbye, and love you, all in one word. (Kind of like "meow" if you're a cat fan. heehee!) Thank you so much Claudia, for spoiling your design team! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out - and so darn generous. Thank you to the fabulous fellow DT members, I will always be proud to have worked amongst the greatest!

  3. What a sweet and heartfelt post - such poignant words for the girls that have brought you so much happiness and creativity! Beautiful post - looking forwward to all that is yet to come with C and C :)

  4. Thanks so much for everything Claudia-- I know things will continue to go fabulously for Claudia & Company and it was great to be in the company of everyone on the team!! BIG HUGS!!

  5. Claudia,

    I started with you in the beginning, this Design Team was my first, possibly my last. We went through a few blog changes and name changes. Saw the birth of the PJs and the success of your store. We shared some joys and sorrows together, finding support and love within our fabulous group. Friendships were forged that will remain. For me, this blog, this wonderfully creative place full of positive comments and exceptional inspiration, it will always be my little place of bloggy land HOME.

    Hugs to all the fabulous women that I worked with over the past couple of years.


  6. Claudia, thank you so much for this past year!! I have had a FABULOUS time designing for both teams and getting to know you and all the wonderful girls!! I will miss you all nbut promise not to be a stranger!!

  7. Awww, Claudia your sweet and wonderful words are so touching!! Hannah was reading over my shoulder along with me...saying "Are you gonna cry Mommy?" LOL!! Thank you so much!! I wish you all the best and tons of blessings!! I am thankful for our friendship!! Big hugs and love my friend- LORi