Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Artist joins the Claudia & Co. Family

Hello friends, Claudia here.
I am so very excited about this month's release. Not just because you are not going to believe your eyes when you meet our newest Puddle Jumpers, but because this month we are releasing a set created by a wonderful friend of mine. She is so talented, and just so happens to be the person who designed Claudia & Company's logo; and my online store's logo... Die Cuts R Us!

Please join me in giving Maree Truelove a warm welcome!

Hi there! My name is Maree Truelove and I'm a work at home momma of three boys (Dylan, 12, Noah, 7 and Derek, 2) and the wife of an amazing husband (Tom). I am a self taught graphic designer. I started dabbling with my first graphic design program at age 18 and it's been my passion ever since. Being fed up with my stressful day job I took a huge leap of faith and started selling my images via Etsy around two years ago. My goal was to be able to stay at home with my children yet continue to contribute to our family financially. I have been blessed with a fair amount of success between my two Etsy shops (one is no longer open) and am so thankful for all of my wonderful customers who make it possible for me to live my dream! In addition to personal and commercial use illustrations/clip art I also design custom characters and offer custom logo/Etsy Shop design. My other hobbies include scrap booking, card making and baking . 

Here is a sneak peek of the set Maree designed being released tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your wonderful support! We just cannot wait for our release blog hop! See you tomorrow!


  1. Looks intriguing and she shoulds ubber talented. Hope to get back tomorrow.

  2. Oh my heck this peek looks awesome!! Welcome Maree, can't wait to see your stamps!

  3. Welcome aboard the Claudia & Co. Team. You're gonna love it here, Maree!

    Love the colors in the peek. Can't wait to see the rest of it.


  4. Welcome to Claudia & Co, Maree!! Can't wait for release day!!

  5. Thank you all! How exciting this is!!! :)